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P&G's Pritchard: Digital Media Needs Reinventing


Proctor & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard is known for leading industry change as it relates to cleaning up the digital advertising ecosystem as the “dark side” worsens. Last week, at the Association of National Advertisers conference in Orlando, he doubled down with a bold vision:

Entirely reinvent the digital media supply chain, because clean-up efforts of the current ecosystem have been futile in the face of rapid growth.

Read coverage of the event here.

Pritchard then outlines a plan with five core principles for marketers to follow, which was heartily endorsed by the ANA. Those principles:

  1. Elevate quality, including the improvement of diverse portrayals of consumers across race, gender, age and more

  2. Promote civility, with marketers and their partners working to create a balanced online discourse

  3. Level the playing field by introducing a single tase that controls for ad frequency and duplication, and can be applied across digital and TV

  4. Simplify privacy, namely through a call for a comprehensive U.S. federal privacy law

  5. Take back control, specifically around areas such as first-party data, in-house analytic teams and reinventing agency partnerships

We couldn’t agree more.

But we think this reinvention needs to be on the demand side, too. It is the last stop the long line of players in digital media advertising before it hits the consumer. That’s why partnered with the Local Media Association, ad-security company DEVCON and ad operations and yield provider OpsCo to offer free ad-detection tools for local news publishers to conduct the largest study of ad fraud at the local level.

And we’re releasing the white paper next week. (For a preview, here’s a presentation we gave at the Local Online Advertising Conference.) The paper aggregates findings from thousands of news sites and, we hope, will spur action.

Our mission: Raise awareness and work across lines to seek solutions.

Together, we can get there.

Rusty Coats