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A double-whammy of ransomware and info-stealing


As criminals in ad fraud become more sophisticated, the pain inflicted on publishers and consumers increases exponentially. Consider this excerpt from a story in Threat Post on a new exploit:

“A multi-payload and ongoing malvertising campaign is distributing a newly discovered info-stealer as well as the GandCrab ransomware.

The info-stealer is named Vidar, after the Norse god Víðarr, who was the son of Odin in mythology. According to researcher Fumik0, who discovered it in December, Vidar steals documents, cookies and browser histories (including from Tor), currency from wide array of cryptocurrency wallets, data from 2FA software and text messages, plus it can take screenshots. The package also offers malware operators Telegram notifications for important logs. And lastly, threat actors can customize the stealer via profiles, which allows them to specify the kind of data they are interested in.”

And no, you didn’t just win $100 from Amazon.

Read the full story here:

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