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We’re helping to solve digital media’s $19 billion problem.

Ad fraud is a cancer afflicting nearly all digital publishers, infecting even the best ad agencies and networks, and creating hostile environments for users. And it’s growing. Last year, ad fraud represented $9 billion stolen from content publishers. In 2018, it’s estimated to climb to $19 billion. By 2020, it will again double to more than $40 billion.

AdHack’s collaborations, partnerships and solutions will help publishers implement detection tools simply, at no cost, and at huge scale, detecting exploits, malware, cookie stuffing and other issues affecting them – and their communities. We aim to help protect consumers against invasive malware and privacy breaches. Through this work, we will collect and share data on ad fraud to build better protections in the future. We’re on the pulse of modern technology and media and we use that knowledge to inform our approaches.

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Fraudsters will continue to heavily invest in domains, user accounts and bot farms in order to appear genuine. Advertising stakeholders will demand constant vigilance against the threat of ad fraud.
— Sam Barker, Juniper Research


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