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Data. Knowledge. Action. collaborates with DEVCON, Local Media Association and OpsCo to create the largest study of ad fraud in digital publishing.


OpsCo powers programmatic monetization on hundreds of local news and broadcast websites. Ad fraud blocking technology, powered by DevCon, blocks over 1 Million exploits every month across these websites. DevCon protection has allowed us to be more aggressive in optimization techniques which have driven a 6.5% increase in overall mobile revenue.
— James Byrd, OpsCo

There’s plenty of talk about fake news, but digital ad fraud is sucking revenue away from verified news publishers, with criminals targeting all sizes of local media companies. It is not uncommon for a local publisher to be hit with 15,000 exploits per day, leaching money, time and resources away from an industry already beset by economic and secular changes. This is why digital ad fraud is estimated to cost $19 billion in 2018, estimated to grow to $44 billion by 2020. Solutions generally favor major advertisers, penalizing local publishers. AdHack’s solution will help publishers implement detection tools simply, at no cost, and at huge scale, detecting exploits, malware, cookie stuffing and other issues affecting them – and their communities. The amount of data collected will shed light – for the first time – on how widespread the problem is, how publishers can combat it and potentially inform regulation for an industry vulnerable to malicious and costly attacks.


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Rusty Coats

As the former Executive Director of the Local Media Consortium, I knew publishers were under attack but most of them simply could not afford or technically support solutions that would keep them from hemorrhaging money. In response, I formed I began working with ad fraud detection companies, media groups and international thought leaders to ideate a vehicle for news publishers to have access to sophisticated detection tools for free. I’ve also worked with firms specializing in local media and information security to help raise awareness as we launch the largest study of ad fraud in local media. As we analyze and publish the findings, we’ll work with academic, media, ad network and buy-side leaders to confront the toxic effects of widespread ad fraud.